The Art And Advancements Of The Renaissance

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The Renaissance was a period in European history, from the 14th to 17th century, regarded as the bridge between the Middle Ages and modern history. This era was known as the “rebirth” of artistic and philosophical advancements in Europe at the time. There were many things that made the Renaissance as monumental as it was, and those things would prove to shape the modern world in the future. This powerful era known as the Renaissance was due to the amount of creative artists and writers, technological inventions such as the printing press, and advancements in science that helped formed many discoveries around the world. A significant effect of the Renaissance was the influence of artists and writers on the people of this era. In Documents 4 and 5, two paintings are displayed. One is painted in the late 1200s by Duccio di Buoninsegna (Madonna Enthroned Between Angels), while the other is painted in 1503 by Leonardo da Vinci (Mona Lisa). Madonna Enthroned Between Angels is flat design that is drawn nicely but the colors are vague and do not really show out. On the other hand, Mona Lisa is a Renaissance style that uses linear perspective and uses beautiful colors that will attract an audience. The differences in these paintings show the advancements in paintings from the Medieval Times to the Renaissance and how much they have changed. This evidence explains how artists have advanced in the Renaissance because of the use techniques used and the new enticing look it displayed.

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