The Art Of Critique: Jose Canseco

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The Art of Critique “If you look at our world, it 's a world of critique.” A Cuban-American former Major League Baseball outfielder and designated hitter Jose Canseco once said. Indeed, it is true. The world has been so much better because of critique since critique makes people to stop and think what they’ve done well and what they hadn’t. It gives people a chance of looking back and seeing the possible improvements. Also it’s a world of critique because critique is just a part of life; every time somebody says “I really like this donut because…” or “I really don’t like this book because…” it’s a simple form of critique, it’s an evaluation of the object talked about. According to dictionary, a critique is a detailed analysis and assessment of something, in this case, of artwork. It gives me a detailed evaluation on my artwork; and it allows me to improve my artwork and know what to watch out next time when I do similar works.
My studio art class holds student critiques for the final
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My teacher has shown me a way to grasp a better view of my artwork. He told me to study my artworks from a distance. It helps me to test the readability of my art work. Then I am able to see if the color is what I wanted, if shapes, forms and lines are in the right place, and if there is enough light and shadow. Many times with colored pencil drawings I would realize the color looks really dull. I would try to think if I used too much black or if I used a pencil in my drawing. Then, I would color it darker with colored pencils and do the critique all over again. Also I would find my drawings or paintings lacking contrast sometimes. Once I did a drawing of a colorful flower with a black and white pencil drawing of sky. I thought I colored the flower enough, but when I looked from a distance, I can barely see any color of the flower. Clearly it was lacking contrast and color, but I wouldn’t have noticed it without

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