The Art Of Hijab In Islam

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Hijab is an Arabic term for “cover” or “barrier” which carries the meaning “to cover and to veil”. The most visible form of hijab is in a form of head covering that many Muslim women don in their lives. In Islam, it carries a broader meaning; it symbolizes the ideologies of modesty and humility in terms of manners and the dressings of both Muslim men and women.
The act of wearing hijab has been laid out in Islam; nonetheless, there are various reasons as to why Muslim women would don the hijab. A portion of these women truly believe that it is a decree from God and the act of wearing the hijab would mean they are fulfilling the commandments from God. On the other hand, some Muslim women include hijab in their lives as a way to distinguish their identities from other foreign identities. In example, a Middle Eastern Muslim woman wears a hijab as a way to make a distinction between herself and the Westerners. Besides that, a number of Muslim women would wear the hijab willingly as a protest against the Westerners who perpetuate the belief that Muslim women who don the hijab are forced to do so as they are oppressed in their cultures. Oppositely, there are certain Muslim women who have chosen not to wear the hijab as they believe that it is a cultural tradition as an alternative to the actual order from the Lord. Regardless of all the reasons mentioned, I believe that every woman is entitled to her own rights on whether or not one should put on the hijab.
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