The Art Of Las Meninas By Diego Velazquez

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Las Meninas is an old painting that Diego Velazquez made long time ago. It talks about the king’s family and maids. Las Meninas is one of the most important paintings made in the nineteenth century. It was made using oil and canvas.
Diego Velazquez is a well-known Spanish painter born in June 6, 1599 in Seville, Spain. He was only thirteen years old when he started drawing. He got married Juana, Pacheco’s daughter ‘a person he worked with for five years’ the couple had two daughters. He lived his whole life in Madrid. He went to Italy to learn art in 1629. Then He was hired by Spain’s king ‘Philip IV’ at age of 25 and he became the king’s favorite painter. In 1650s the king offered Velazquez the main room in his palace, it was in the palace museum. It was offered to him to use it as his main studio where he get his paintings done, in this studio Velazquez painted Las Meninas. Philip used to have his own chair in the studio and often sit to watch Velazquez at his work. After a couple of years ’in 1660AD’ Diego Velazquez died. During the last couple of years, he only painted few works after Las Meninas. He has between 110 and 120 known canvas.
Las Meninas is 3.18 meters high and 2.76 meters wide. It was created in Spain, Madrid 1657AD, owned by Museo Nacional, Madrid De Prado who actually owned it after it was made. The painting is made with oil on canvas. It represents the Western civilization. It was created to complicate things for us, to show how Velazquez was considered

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