The Art Of Metacommentary Analysis

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In chapter Ten of They Say, I Say The Moves That Matter In Academic Writing Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein explain; how to implement “The Art of Metacommentary” in your writing and why it is vital. Metacommentary is a vital form of explaining to the reader what you're trying to prove; furthermore, this helps the reader fully grasp the significance of your argument. In implementing metacommentary as a vital part your writing will; consequently, allow you to format your ideas and give length to your text. Also, metacommentary can help you format your text from the beginning of your essay by implementing a metacommentary title. In They Say, I Say Graff and Birkenstein acknowledge the importance of a title. Graff and Birkenstein state that…show more content…
But Also a Healthy One.” that humans, in their natural state, are meant to thrive. Research indicates that having a meaning of purpose is crucial to having a meaningful life and a healthy life. In having a sense of purpose; people have a better chance of having positive health outcomes throughout their life. The article states that some of those positive outcomes include having better sleep, fewer stroke, and lower risk of dementia. In the same article, Dhruv Khullar explains his research on the benefits of a greater purpose. Khuller states that “Another study followed more than 6,000 individuals over 14 years and found that those with greater purpose where 15 percent less likely to die than those who were aimless, and that having purpose was protective across the lifespan- for people in their 20’s as well as those in their 70’s”. Having a sense of purpose is beneficial for every individual and is not narrowed down by age. If students have the ability to discuss positive emotions and meaningful experiences; consequently, students have a higher likelihood to develop psychological well-being and protect against future behavioral…show more content…
“Positive emotion” help us in a whole range of ways; consequently, two of those ways are pushing ourselves physically to accomplish a goal and mentally by turning a threat related thoughts into positive one. Furthermore, “engagement” allows us to reach a state of flow, being in a state of flow allows us to focus mentally and improve our overall performance. Moreover, “relationships” nurture support which allow us to look at challenges as less challenging. Relationships give us the mental boost to crush our challenges physically. A sense of “meaning” helps us reach our goals by mentally and physically not giving up; therefore, allowing us to accomplish our goals because they have a sense of purpose. Another, way to flourish is by accomplishment; furthermore, accomplishment allows you to mentally be more resilient and physically by gaining
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