The Art Of Persuasion: The King Darius The First

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Darius the First, ruled the Persian Kingdom located in modern day Iran for a period of 35years (522 BCE- 486 BCE.) Upon the early years of his reign as king, Darius successfully expanded the size of his newly acquired kingdom, which ranged from Mesopotamia in the west to India in the east. Darius the First, is credited with the creation of history’s first empire. According to ancient historians, Darius the First became Darius the Great for having led the largest recorded empire in Persian history. As ruler of the Persian Empire, Darius had to face a difficult challenge of unifying millions of citizens or subjects, most of whom were illiterate and spoke a variety of languages. As king, Darius formulated a solution that would allow him to communicate his political vision to the subjects, through what he referred to as the International language of images or Art. As a political figure in power, the king meet with ambassadors from twenty nations to instill peaceful relations and expressed to the fellow leaders to spread his message of peace to their people.…show more content…
As a viewer I was amazed by the site of several artistic carvings still untouched by the hands of time. For instance, parts of the walls that once led to the palace contain the remains of carvings depicting the conquered people of the kingdom paying tribute to their ruler, the carvings date back nearly three thousand years. Furthermore, near the capital of Persepolis at the site known as the Persian Crosses, lies the tombs of four great rulers of the Persian Empire, one of the tombs belonging to Darius the Great. Towering 200 feet above the desert, at the location of Darius’s tomb is site of an astonishing political billboard, carved by the King himself, allowing the illiterate subjects to visualize Darius’s political vision. The billboard contains the first political logo in recorded

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