The Art Of Tolstoy's Influence Of Art

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“If he causes another man to yawn when he himself cannot help yawning, or to laugh or cry when he himself is obliged to laugh or cry, or to suffer when he himself is suffering— that does not amount to art” This quote jump started what classified as art to me. Art has to be indirect to some extent, as in for example if I were to paint a picture of an oak tree. To other people that would be just any old tree but maybe to someone else it reminds the of a time in their childhood and in remembering that moment they start feeling sad or happy. That would make my painting of the tree art because it brought emotion through a time of reflection, meaning it was caused indirectly. “And it is upon this capacity of man to receive another man’s expression of feeling and experience those feelings himself, that the activity of art is based.” What I believe Tolstoy is trying to say here is if someone without meaning can draw or create something so powerful that it can cause someone to have immense feelings, is something very special that should be considered art. When reading this I also realized that Tolstoy may have contradicted himself for the first time. When saying that he is stating that the artist had intentionally transferred his feelings. “Art begins when one person, with the object of joining another or others to himself in one and the same feeling, expresses that feeling by certain external indications. To take the simplest example: a boy, having experienced, let us say, fear on

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