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Woodworking is defined as the activity or skill of making thing from wood. Woodworking has been around for centuries and been used by many different cultures. Woodworking has be used for making furniture religious items and other decorations, build builds or temples make new weapons, boats, and other items. The advancement of woodworking has help civilizations grow. This paper will be divided into two groups. The first group will mostly focus on the history of woodworking from ancient time periods. The second group will focus on the modern use for woodworking. As you read this paper it is all about the history of woodworking and the accomplishments of some well known civilizations with the art of woodworking.

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We’ll start with china first. It is believed the woodworking spread throughout China in 720 B.C. the Chinese are well known of developing precise measuring this was used in their making of tables pots and other furniture. One of China’s major builds besides the Great Wall of China would be the Forbidden City. the Forbidden City is about 150,000 square acres with 90 palaces and courtyards. This is one of China’s famous architectural wonders. In Japan the Japanese were being really successful with the art of woodworking the reasons that they were a successful nation for woodworking is because the Japanese made high-carbon steel tools. Because of the steel japan engineered a lathe and were one of the best woodworkers to rounded items like barrels and other household…show more content…
This is what make humans great are ability to adapt use tools to make things whatever that may be from weapons to skyscrapers it all started with it origins in woodworking. Because without it we probably would not see or have the tools that we have today. Anyways I hope you learned something about the history of woodworking in this research

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