Holy Grail Research Paper

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The legend of the Holy Grail is one that has stood throughout time. From the beginning of history to modern times, it is still a mystery to all. The Holy Grail became popular in medieval literature. Today it appears in books, movies, and songs. Quests for this perplexing object have interested hundreds of believers. Over five hundred years after the initial quest, the Holy Grail continues to be a highly studied and sought after object because of its many representations, the unknown history, and its presence in the Arthurian Legend. From magical powers to Jesus drinking from it, the Holy Grail is known for many different representations. Grail comes from the Latin word gradale, meaning a deep platter of foods that are served at banquets during the medieval times (“Holy Grail”). People believe that the Holy Grail was used during the crucifixion by Joseph. Writings by Joseph described how he used the cup to collect the blood of Jesus as He was on the cross. Also, in…show more content…
In 1180 the first mention of the Holy Grail was put into written text. Chrétien de Troyes’s French romance was called Conte del Graal, but the Holy Grail became more recognized when it was put into Christian text. Joseph wrote a poem called Joseph d’ Arimathie. In this poem Joseph talks about the Last Supper where Jesus drank from the Holy Grail. Also mentioned is how Joseph used the Grail to collect Jesus’ blood as He was on the cross (“The History of the Holy Grail”). The ties to Jesus have played a huge role in making people believe that magical powers are bestowed upon you when you drink from the Holy Grail. After the Middle Ages passed by, “…the Grail disappears until the 19th century…” (“King Arthur“). The legend became popular again when writers like Tennyson and Scott began writing about the Holy Grail. Even after the disappearance, the Grail has withstood time throughout
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