The Aspects Of Crime In Crime On Crime And Poverty

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Various observations indicate that most of the youth are in crime because of poverty, which drove them into criminal acts for survival (Prior & Paris, 2005). At Y.C.T.C, the study revealed that over 70%; more than 40 out of 55 of the inmates were poor or came from poor family backgrounds based on where they lived, property ownership and the types of offences committed. For instance, some boys indicate that they had run from home to beg for survival in the streets because they lacked basic needs. In those streets they later committed crimes to survive, they were involved in petty offences like stealing goods or properties whose value were less than Kshs 500. As poverty dictates which social class an individual belongs to, it was observed that most of these youths at Y.C.T.C belonged to the lower social class. A majority of these offenders at 45 out of 55, (81.8%) indicate that before their arrests, they lived in the various slums around Nairobi city such as Mathare, Kibera and Mukuru Kwa Njenga. The researcher noted that a number of these offenders were bare footed. This observation on the influence of social class on crime and delinquency affirms the opinion of Wright & Younts (2009) that the delinquency rate increases with a decrease in social class.

Some youth also get into crime due to peer pressure and rebellion against parental authority (Maseko, 2009). There were some youth who claimed to have committed criminal activities under the influence of traditional liquor

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