The Aspects Of Culture Essay: What Is Culture?

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What is culture?
By the time we step into this world and become aware of our surroundings, we are frequently fed with the dos and don’ts by the members of our family or that of the society’s. The allowance or impediment of certain things depends upon many factors. These factors encapsulate to form a culture.
Definition of culture: Culture can be defined as a set of beliefs, values, principles, outlooks, suppositions and perspectives that discerns inhabitants of one society from others. Culture sets the individuality of a particular group of people and is defined via religion, social habits, language, food, music, art, festivals etc.
Types of culture:
Culture can be divided into two types: external and internal cultures. External culture is
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One can observe different behaviors of people belonging to different cultures. Every culture has its own values and norms. Norms prevailing in one culture may not be understood by other cultures. Two things that may affect human behavior are:
 Life experiences of a person
 Genetic inheritance
Aspects of culture and their affect on behavior: The above mentioned things are involved in the development and shaping of human behavior. Different individuals are born in different cultural settings. These cultural settings include the following aspects:
Family as culture:
Different families belonging to different cultures have their own set of rules. These set of rules educate a person to shape his perception. These rules teach a person how to act in specific context. For example, a child is taught from the beginning to respect his elders. He is also warned if he curses. He is taught the difference between good and bad. He is punished for his bad behavior and may be rewarded for a good one. In this way, he is able to hold different views about different actions.
Its affect on

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