The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln In 'Our American Cousins'

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Lincoln has been killed It was April 14, 1865 , Booth and his men George Atzerodt, Lewis Powell, are planning to kill the president Abraham Lincoln, the vice president Johnson, and secretary of state Seward. Booth has been planning to kill the president for months and Booth has his plan all ready for April 14th. The president was going to the ford’s theatre to watch a plan and relax with his family. The lincoln’s were supposed to be at the theatre at 8:00 but was running a little late but Booth was prepared for anything.At about 8:00 the Lincoln’s arived at the theatre and the play “Our American Cousins” was going on.At about 9:00 Booth arived at the theatre with a horse he rented. He left a horse with a ford theatre employee the employee’s name was Edman Spangler. Booth knew the exact time to kill Lincoln he had been planning it for months he knew the play all the parts and where and when stuff would happen. Booth was now in the building he had opened a trapdoor and had went through it so he would walk in front of the play. It was about 9:30 when Booth walked up the stairs . There was no guard at the top of the stairs. Booth was armed with a one shot pistol and a knife if he missed the president with the one shot he would stab the president. Now Booth opened the door just a little, he could see the president right in front of him. Booth knew a …show more content…

Still in shock the audience still dont know whats going on then Clara Harris a friend of the president yells “ he shot the president”. Booth is now running and now a 6 foot 5 inch man named Joseph Stewart sees Booth and starts to chase him and catches up to him outside Booth yells “ give me that horse to the employee and the employee does cause he was outside the whole time and Booth gets on and Stewart reaches for the reins of the horse and get them but Booth an experience rider jerks the horse and hits it and the horse goes flying and Stewart can 't catch up to it. Booth is now on the loose and wanted for

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