The Assassination Of Anne Frank Essay

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There once was a young girl named Anne Frank who lived in the city of Amsterdam, she lived her life day to day just like everyone else, until one day, when she and her family were forced into hiding. World War II started and the invasion of Germany began, which was an extremely tragic event that was occurring, the Nazis were trying to eliminate all Jews, the leader of the Nazis was an awful man named Adolph Hitler, who was highly against the Jewish faith. Whenever Anne or anyone in her family left their house, it was an order to involuntarily wear a yellow star to show that they were different according to the Nazis. Anne and her family were Jewish, so, therefore, they consequently became secluded from everyone else in public. This situation started to evolve into a more serious matter when the Nazis started to issue people off to a concentration camp. At these camps, people were either worked to death or gassed to death. The Frank Family knew that at that point their only option was to hide. Anne 's family found an acceptable place to hide with another family, the Van Daans. The Van Daans, who had a son named Peter, who was close to Anne’s age. When they initially met each other, they did not exactly have the same opinions, but they would soon have to learn to communicate well together. There were strict…show more content…
Well, at least Anne was hopeful of that, however, the odds were not exactly in their favor. There were always people doubting them getting out safely, and moreover, if they would be alright. Hopes were quite high in Anne 's case, about making it out safe and even anticipating them getting out. “We’re all in much better spirits these days. There’s still excellent news of the invasion. The best part about it is that I have a feeling that friends are coming,” Anne missed her friends dearly, and hoped that they were all doing good without
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