The Assassination Of Gandhi Research Paper

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Yesenia Maldonado
9th lit/ comp

Do you know Gandhi and what he did for India? he inspired millions of people that you know to be like him that changed the past so that you can live peacefully with other people. He was assassinated by Nathuram Godse. Nathuram Godse was a Hindu. He shot three bullets from a pistol. Gandhi’s assassination was unjust because he fought for independence and was non violent, but other might be opposed to the that idea and think it was just because he had too much power.

Mahatma Gandhi fought for Independence. The police arrested Gandhi for saying he was going to lead a march on the government. The march was a disobedience act on the British government to gain Independence. He thought it was the fault of British officials than the system. Gandhi thought officials were what kept him and the people from gaining Independence. Although, he fought for Independence he was non-violent

As Gandhi looked for a better future he didn’t want to hurt people so he was non-violent. He used his non violent ways to fight against British rule and also racial discrimination. Gandhi didn’t care what would happen to him unless he got to change how people think and rule in a country. Gandhi had non-violent campaigns. It was a struggle for him and the people not to use
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Gandhi showed that one man or female can bring down an empire using intelligence. Gandhi gained independence for the people of India with many citizens that wanted the same as gandhi. People followed Gandhi and did what he wanted with many follower by his side. They did this because they believed in Gandhi and how they could change things and accomplish what they want. Gandhi was changing their way of life. Nathuram Godse thought he was a threat and wanted to kill him proving Gandhi had too much power. Other people wanted vengeance on Gandhi for being

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