The Assassination Of Lizzie Borden's Story

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color...put the URL below your paraphrased note. During the time of the murder women were considered weak and never had there been a murder where a woman is the suspect. This is why her story became so well known. As for the lack of forensic science in this day and age Lizzie was never proven to be the killer and to this day almost 120 years later she’s still not proven guilty. Lizzie Borden was born july 19,1860 in Massachusetts. She lives with her dad, sister and stepmother until she was an adult. Lizzie’s parents were found dead August 4, 1892 in their home. Lizzie was found guilty of these murders and was arrested. In 1893 Lizzie was acquitted and lived in her hometown until she died June 1, 1927. Shortly before noon on August 4, 1892,
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