The Assassination Of Martin Luther King Analysis

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The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King was a very established civil rights leader who not only stood up for the equality of blacks, but also for the issues of poverty throughout our country during the mid 1900s. Throughout this paper I will be summarizing and comparing the differences between two articles on Martin Luther King. These articles were originally published in historical journals. The articles I will be using include “The Death of Martin Luther King” by Richard Cavendish and “”Now that He is Safely Dead”: The Construction of the Myth of Martin Luther King. JR (1929-1968)” published by Massimo Rubboli. In Cavendish’s articles he explains many of the major events Martin Luther King took part in including his…show more content…
Not only did he talk about him, but talked about the day we know as Martin Luther King Day and how King identified himself as a very biblical/holy man. This gave him the idea that he wanted the people to see him as the new Moses. Dr. King had major contribution too the Mississippi Freedom Summer, where they marched from Selma to Montgomery Alabama. He was in the process of meeting Malcolm X, a former black Muslim leader, but King was arrested and Malcolm was killed just a few days after. Within his final part of his life he was fighting for the struggle of the rights of the working class. He spoke about how it brought “misery and despair into the hopes and progress” Overall these two journals were great, but emphasized different aspects of Martin Luther Kings life. Rubboli gave more detail and portrayed Kings biblical stance as to Cavendish focused on the major events that he had done throughout his life. Dr. King was an amazing freedom rights movement leader with many events that we have grown up learning making him an important part of American society. This gives me the reason as to why I chose him as my topic of discussion of this
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