The Assassination Of The Iceman Essay

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The Assassination of the Iceman Ötzi was an Iceman, who was found in 1991 in a pass between two high mountains in the Alps.At first when he was found he was thought to be a regular climber, but due to a copper axe, some unfinished arrows, a flint knife, clothing scraps, a backpack, and an unfinished bow lying near his body, as well an inspection of his body, researschers found out that he was over 5000 years old. According to Some remarks on the Iceman: his death and his social rank, he was in an high position of power, due They found out that Ötzi was killed, and there are three theories of how he died: he was either assassinated, sacrificed either willingly or forcefully because of religious beliefs, or he was killed in a clan warfare battle. Ötzi was most likely…show more content…
First of all, he had a copper axe. It was thought that copper smelting first happened 1000 years later, so chances are he was in a high position of power by owning a copper axe. He went up the mountain, maybe to enjoy the view, or, since he was in a high position of power, he may have gone up the mountain to do something spiritual. Then he went back down the mountain, and there someone attacked him, because they wanted his high position of power. He was chased back up the mountain, and once he thought he was safe, he settled and started making gear ( his unfinished arrows, his bow, etc.) to defend himself. Researchers of Ötzi’s body found a full meal in his stomach. This suggests that he may have been eating at the top of the mountain and was shot in the back. This also would make sense with the angle the arrow was shot at. Then, the person who wanted this high position of power finished off Ötzi with a hit to the head. He took the arrow shaft and left Ötzi’s copper axe there to not be identified, instead of taking it. There was a stone with markings of the murder, which suggests that his clan wanted to make a memorial for how he died, because he was in a high position of

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