The Assassination Of Women In World War One

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World War 1 occurred almost a month after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife Sophie. It would be an understatement to say the assassination of these two people was the main cause of the world war that killed over 30 million people. While visiting Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a check-up type of visit, checking on the armed forces. While touring the area, a nationalist, Nedjeklo Cabrinovic threw a bomb towards the car Sophie and Franz were getting in, they were not injured, but some police officials were badly injured. While going to visit the injured police officials at the hospital, once of Cabrinovic’s associates, Gavrilo Princip voluntarily fired towards the car and shot both Franz and Sophie Ferdinand. Seconds later, he tried to shoot himself before a bystander prevented him from doing so, which led to a crowd beating and wrestling his until the police carried him away. Sophie and Franz were immediately rushed to the hospital but died with hours of being shot. …show more content…

Such as the League of Nations, which was an organization to help provide, and create solutions to future international conflicts. A greater acceptance of women occurred in the World War 1 era due to the lack of men in the United States, and the amount of jobs that women successfully filled while the men were fighting overseas. Many soldiers were awakened by the extreme violence and horror of war, in later wars to come, many soldiers chose to rationally think about joining the military instead of fighting with “patriotic fever”. This consequently led to many protests when the government wanted to deploy young men overseas, because they could no longer use the propaganda they had previously

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