The Assembly Line Revolution

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The assembly line is one of the most important technological advancements of our society. The assembly line revolutionized how certain items were produced and distributed to the general public. But, just because it was revolutionary for the workers in those factories, doesn’t mean it was revolutionary for the workers. I believe that the assembly line was not a good thing for the workers. Assembly line has given the factories the ability to hire just about anyone who walks in. The deskilling of the workers is bad news for the ones actually working. The assembly made every worker in the company replaceable at any second. If the assembly was never adopted, workers would need to highly skilled and it would make them much more difficult to replace and it would secure their jobs. The wages would drop as well due to the lack of skill required to complete the work. The workers basically transform from freethinking workers, to mindless machines to complete one specific action.…show more content…
Being able to stay in one spot and do the same action over and over reduces the possibility of something going wrong and the worker suffering an injury. While the assembly was revolutionary for the industry and society, the advantages surely came with some negative side effects. I believe that the assembly line was not a good thing for the
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