The Atlantic Slave Trade Analysis

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The Atlantic Slave Trade by David Northup includes four essays that offer arguments on the cause of African slavery. “The first paper was written by Eric Williams, a historian who studies the economic view of African slavery; he argued that slavery was not born out of racism but rather a consequence of slavery”(Williams, 2). “The second paper in the book was written by David Eltis; he argued that slavery was not caused just by economics because it would have been more reasonable and cheaper to enslave Europeans”(Davis, 7). “The third essay was written by David Davis, he argues that slavery was caused by developments in the medieval Islamic world which reinforced African slavery”(Davis, 13). “The last essay written by Linda Heywood and John Thornton argues that the confusing diversity of opinion reflects that Europeans regarded Christian Africans as themselves”(Heywood and Thornton, 20). The most likely explanation for the rise of slavery was the argument made by historian David Eltis; he suggested that slavery was caused by culture. An analysis of the four essays that are made in part one of The Atlantic Slave Trade, reveals that slavery rose because of the cultural roots of slavery.

Eric William’s essay entitled “Economics, Not Racism, as the Root of Slavery”, Eric Williams argues that the rise of plantation slavery was connected to the rise and development of capitalism. Throughout his paper Williams uses key points to prove that economics was the root of slavery, not

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