Chattel Slavery: The Slave Culture

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The slave culture has always been a subject that has captivated societies from the beginning of time up until today. It is a very broad subject that has let us explore the many different aspects of slavery, ranging from when slaves were working on plantations to them being used for trade. Many different forms of slavery have happened and all the aspects of slavery have been very controversial for the simple fact that people who were slaves were treated as nothing more than worthless human beings. The culture of slavery has to do with many factors, but the slave trade, it’s systems, the regulations being imposed on the people of color, even when they were set free, depended on where geographically the slaves were located in the Americas. Constant…show more content…
Since the Chattel slavery has to do with slaves becoming personal property, the way that people of color were kidnapped and treated, they were bought, sold and traded at their owner’s expense. This is what is known as Chattel Slavery and since the Atlantic Slave Trade was done in such a brutal manner due to the way the black people were taken from their homes and separated from their families forever. Chattel Slavery will always be known as a form of slavery that relates to all the types of brutalities that the black people were condemned to suffer for many years. Even though at the beginning the slavery, this type of system was something that was not correct and legal, many people went ahead and decided to start the Chattel Slavery trade, even if many people did not know about it. Unfortunately for many blacks who became slaves, they were traded as merchandise for goods. Even though Chattel Slavery was a system that was first initiated in Europe, it later did become legal in the United States. The legalization of Chattel slavery in the United States happened due to the fact that a trader who brought slaves into America. He kept bringing slaves into America as servants to him and other, this marking the beginning of legal Chattel slavery in the United States. It came to the point that black slaves were part of the Civil War. Undeniably, Chattel Slavery was even worse than regular slavery because in Chattel Slavery, unfortunately the blacks would be owned for life and would be bought, sold, traded at their owner’s expense. This was even worse because even the children, spouses or grandchildren of those same slaves were forced to be slaves for the rest of their lives. They would never have a chance for freedom and no matter where they were at, they would be servant slaves for the rest of their
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