Woofy: A Short Story

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A man, named Danny, awoke and glancing around. In his underwear, he walked toward the light. Though he had taken off his military clothing and held it in his hand accordingly, he was still sweltering. All around him were towering trees and bushes. He traversed among the trees, like a vagabond, trying to find an exit of the forest. He heard a voice sounded similar to a dog.
“Was that my dog?” he thought, “I had a dog named Woofy and we have done countless missions together, can that be Woofy?”
An animal jumped up behind Danny, almost immediately, Danny took out the sniper rifle which was behind his back, loaded the gun and, moreover, aimed at the attacker. He was ready to pull the trigger and shot the creature down. “Wait a minute,” Danny thought,
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The body of the dog was dirty, caught and enlaced by vines. Danny bent down, removed the vines carefully, and embraced his dog. Then the dog retraced their odoriferous trail and, eventually, lead the man out of the forest. “Where are we, are we at the Atsui island?” thought Danny, “Where’s the military camp that I’m supposed to check…show more content…
One day after, Danny woke up in water, he didn’t see Woofy. He was so worried that kept running around and shouted Woofy’s name. After an hour of searching, he found his dog, in a state of trauma, his leg was injured by a floating log. Danny quickly brought Woofy out of the water and take him to the side of the mountain and try to see how to heal him, but he had nothing to heal the dog.
Three days later, Danny thought that he really need to get some food, or else he would starve to death, but all his bullets were washed away by the storm, he was already starving while Woofy almost died. Danny sat on the mountainside, waiting for some miracle to happen. Suddenly, a sagacious thought came to his mind.
“Why don’t I go see what’s in the boat?” Danny thought.
Since the hurricane, the water level had raised significantly, which caused the boat to float into the lake in the grassland. After two hours of walk, he reached the lake, the boat was on the shore of the lake. Danny went into the boat, there were medicines, food, water, ammo, life jacket and a lifeboat, everything was undamaged. He ate an energy bar and quickly returned to the mountainside, luckily, Woofy was still alive. After some treatments, Woofy recuperated and they enjoyed and food from the boat and they left the island on the
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