Secure Attachment Theory

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The attachment theory specifies that an infants and young child requires consistent relationships with people to thrive and develop. Attachment is described as a essential need with a biological basis where infants or young children need to maintain a sense of security with a specific person. Developing a secure attachment between the infant and their parents or guardian is an important part of early childhood development, due to the many things that can interfere with the development of a healthy attachment. Without a secure attachment, an infant may develop problems that can continue throughout their lives and affect the relationships with others.
Approach behavior may be defined as locomotion in which a usual outcome of the distance between one person and one other specific person is observed to distinguish the distance between each individual and the attachment to one another. “Approach behavior may appear in the service of a variety of behavioral systems, for example, attachment, attack, food, seeking, exploration, and affiliation (Infant Approach Behavior as Related to Attachment,571).” The approach behavior can lead to characteristics that can describe the infant approach. In the first study we are introduced to an infant who is only a year and half, can distinguish the approach behavior that serves the attachment system or the approach that serves other behaviors. The way they go
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Each child is unique in their own way, but the way they are raised can have a grand effect on their mental health and how they treat other later in life. We are born the same but not raised the same which can lead to differences in our behaviors. Mary Ainsworth has provided us with so much research on how an infants behavior is towards attachment in these experiments she held. Before a baby has become attached their behavior is more ken towards that specific
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