The Attack Of Krakow Analysis

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III. Chapter Three: The Attack of Krakow Mythical: There was a trumpeter who watched the town of Krakow. One day he saw a cloud in the distance growing bigger or bigger, it was an army of Tartars charging the city. This army burned and pillaged cities, they murdered and took people as slaves. To alert the people to the danger the watchman played the Hejnal over and over. It took the people some time but they then realized an attack was coming. As the army approached the watchman could see archers arriving. The army charged but wave after wave of arrows forced the Tartars to retreat and Krakow was saved. When the battle died down people went to the tower to find the watchman. But an arrow had pierced his neck and he was dead. They decided to play a bugle call on the hour for the watchman who had saved the city. Historical: In the capital of Poland there is a tall church in Market Square called St Mary’s Church. This church was built in the 1220’s and was finished in the fourteenth century. From the highest tower a trumpeter plays at the Hejnał Mariacki, a fanfare, every hour; it always ends abruptly in tribute to an unknown bugler who died while trying to warn the city of invaders. Above the organ features and stained glass window by Stanisław Wyspiański and Józef Mehoffer and the church contains the…show more content…
During the midst of the Blizzard, she came to the Gypsies that were camped at the foot of the mountain. The Queen craved the love and warmth that humans were capable of, and the humans were enchanted by her blue eyes, white hair, and very white skin. She married Kokorko the Lonely and had twenty children, each with her light-colored hair. The Queen’s father, the Fog King, grew terribly jealous and demanded her return. Her children were left behind, safe from the Fog King’s reach. Each child married and had children of their own, all with the Queen’s blond
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