The Attack Yasmina Khadra Analysis

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The Attack The novel The Attack, written by Yasmina Khadra in 2005 is novel of fiction that takes place in Tel Aviv, Bethlehem as well as Jenin. This novel is the second of Yasmina Khadra as his first one was called The Swallows of Kabul. Dr. Amin Jaafari is a surgeon at a hospital in Tel Aviv. One day, while Dr. Jaafari is at work eating lunch, he is interrupted by a sudden explosion near the hospital. He learns that a suicide bomber led a terrorist attack in a restaurant full of children. Dr. Jaafari spends his day helping patients that have been injured in the attack. After going back home, one of his colleagues calls him back to the hospital. Dr. Jaafari’s life is suddenly shattered when he learns that his wife, Sihem has been killed in the attack and that her wounds are so terrible that she must have been the suicide bomber. The days that follow, Amin receives more and more evidence that his wife must have been responsible for the attack. He decides to go to Bethlehem, the last place that his wife went to, to try to find who brainwashed her and insisted on her doing these terrible acts. He goes to Bethlehem with his colleague, Kim to find information about his wife. There he encounters Islamic extremists who tell Yasmin that his wife did something amazing and that he should be proud of her. He goes back to Tel Aviv completely shaken by what he heard there and starts becoming crazy. He decides to go to Jenin, a city under siege in Palestine, to find Adel, the person

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