The Attic Of The Brain Analysis

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We all would like to forget something but is not as simple as that shapes your existence. In “The Attic of the Brain” by Lewis Thomas talks about how humans want to control every aspect of the brain. He states “There is no delusion more damaging than to get the idea in your head that you understand the functioning of your own brain.” Essentially is only a delusion humans have and can never hope to achieve and only will hurt us, while this may be true or not who’s to say. He also talks about how we may want to “to take charge, guiding your thoughts”, like to repress some our memories like in a “trapdoor”. But over time it would get cluttered and will need to be cleaned out eventually, leaving you with decision if you will really remember that…show more content…
While “The Attic of the Brain” focuses on a more direct an approach of representing memories, furniture that has been stored away or any object of importance as an example of memories being triggered to remember previous moments in life. These memories can be either good or bad yet we still keep them to preserve moment to “find a use for them”. While “At the Dam” doesn’t use this type of representation it still shows a clear example of how it could be used, it uses historical moments to represent memories of individuals who passed away for others to perceive the importance that it once held. This is just leaves the viewer to make an assumption of what has happened without any previous experience or knowledge of it. The memory could had been an enjoyable one or not as enjoyable. This leaves many room for errors for the person to guess, there are too many different outcomes in which people could see this in. Such as its an work of art, or boring and or even as many died just for to leave this behind to just wither away slowly as time passes by eventually leaving none of its traces behind till its existence is nonexistent. But Elven shows truly how memories can hurt us just as “The Attic of the Brain” mentioned. Memories can affect our state of mind if they are all bad they all will keep piling up on each other till you start to break slowly and wither your brain till you are unable to take it anymore and force your brain to get you out of the situation you find dangerous. That is what lead Elven to be who he is at that time seeing the research lab as enemies forcing him to do whatever they please till he dies and none will know since he is kept in secret. His personality was altered from the encounters of the research facility creating a new Elven that will do whatever he has to do to never make it back in there due to all the fear. When he
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