The Attributes And Characteristics Of A Good Leader In Julius Caesar

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Did you know that a leader must always be alert of the sounding and people in that area? There were 10 great leaders from the past and still in this universe are new ones developing today. A leader is a person, who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. The job of the leader is to help make the community a better place and make sure people get the life they deserve. A leader needs to have positive attitudes and needs to be fair around people. It’s never easy being a leader as that person has to be in charge and can’t mess things up, for example, a leader needs to make sure that the people around are on the same page. A leader should also be in track of itself, as well as having control over community but a leader must beware of greed, ambition, and only caring about what is good for them and not the community. First of all, what are the attributes and characteristics of a leader? A good leader must always be organized and must earn everyone 's trust, as well as to be liked by people. Just like in Julius Caesar, he was liked by a lot of people and he was very popular that he had a large statue! As we all know not everyone is capable of being a good leader, some were born to lead and some were not meant to lead. A leader’s personality should include honesty, is able to communicate, the ability to delegate, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, intuition, creativity, sense of humor and is able to inspire the ones that need inspiration. Most of

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