The Auschwitz Concentration Camp

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Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Auschwitz concentration camp was the largest of its time. This camp originated with only the man Camp Auschwitz I. But over time the camp grew and had three main camps at one point. Within these camps prisoners were used for manual labor and experimental research. One of these three camps actually acted as a killing center for a period of time. Auschwitz I was not far from the Polish town of Krakow.

The three different parts of Auschwitz all got their own name. In April of 1940 the first part of the concentration camp was built named Auschwitz I. In October of the next year Auschwitz II or Auschwitz Birkenau was built. In the next year in October aswell Auschwitz III was built this got the nickname Auschwitz
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The largest of them being Jews which amounted to 1,095,000 being deported and 960,000 of them had been executed. Next was the Pole 147,000 had been deported and 74,000 had been killed. 23,000 Roma’s were captured leaving only 2000 to walk away. Everyone of the 15,000 Soviet prisioners had been killed, and lastly 25,000 of other groups and colors whom only had 12,000 die. All together Auschwitz had nearly 1.3 million people walk through the gates and only 200,000 had survived.

Aswell as most other concentration camps Auschwitz I had the same three jobs. One incarcerate and enimies of the Nazi regime, two suply support to forced laborers, three serve as eliminaters of small targeted groups whoś fate was determined by an SS officer.

The auschwitz concentration camp had a gas chamber and a crematory. For a short period of time they had to build a makeshift gas chamber in the basement of prision block 11 due to the actual gas chamber under going matnence. This shows the lengths the Naziś went to in order to keep their belifes alive.

Auschwitz had physicians, which may seem as a surprise beause of the mistreatment to the prisoners. These physicians were not there to help them they took test of the human body. Mainly revolving around twins, dwarfs, and infants to see if they really were identical. They conducted pseudo scientific research, they castrated males, they froze pacients, they also did genetic
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