The Auschwitz Escape: Summary Of Auschwitz

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Luke Loeffler
Period 4
3 December 2017
The Auschwitz Escape Summaries
Jacob Weisz was a reserved, compliant seventeen-year-old German Jew. His family’s house and savings had been taken from them in 1933 when der Führer, Hitler, rose to the position of Chancellor. That’s when Jacob’s uncle, Avi, stepped in to help. Jacob, his sister, and his parents moved to Rubensstrasse, a small town 250 miles away from the German capital. However, Avi began to sense danger as the Nazi forces grew. Jacob began to hear arguments between his father and his uncle, Avi begging for his family to move with him to a safe country. But Jacob’s father was ignorant of the world around him and took no heed to the warnings. Finally, when Avi was taking Jacob hunting, the Jews in a neighboring town were being attacked by Germans. Jacob pleaded to Avi to take him home, but Avi insisted they had to help those being attacked. It was then that they found the lifeless body of Jacob’s sister, Ruthie. While Jacob and his family grieve their loss of Ruthie, Avi’s connections give him concerning information about the Nazis taking over countries neighboring Germany. Again, he pleads with Jacob 's father but to no avail. One night, Jacob listens intently as Nazi soldiers invade his house downstairs. He learns that Avi is a crucial member of a Jewish Resistance. When his father doesn’t tell the officer where Avi is located, he and Jacob’s mother are shot dead. Jacob opened his window
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