The Australian Sports Commission (ACS)

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Project Plan

1. Background

The Australian Sports Commission (ACS) is a statutory authority within the Australian Government’s Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport portfolio. It was established in 1985 and operates under the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989. The ASC is governed by a board of commissioners appointed by Australian Government. The board determines the ACS’s overall direction, decides on actual allocation of resources and policy for delegated decisions, and is accountable to the Minister for Sport land to Parliament.

2. Aims and Objectives

To be a primary national sports administration and advisory agency, and the cornerstone of a wide-ranging sports system.
To be a central leadership role in the developments
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Target group and stakeholders

Stakeholder Interest / stake Importance
Australian government To deliver participation and high performance results and improve their capability, sustainability and effectiveness Support the financial and the other assistance
Staffs Focus on the objective and support the organization to achieve the goals Take care of the process and promote the activities
Trainer To support the sport participate to improve their ability and skill Suggest and educate the sport participate how to improve their performance
Sport participate To improve their ability for sport performance which can be anyone who are interested in or student in school Be a part of the organization and promote the organization for the others
School and school teacher To encourage the student to be sport participate to improve their ability To support the student to attend this organization

4. Methods

Goal 1: Increased participation in sport
Goal 2: Increased international success
Goal 3: Sustainable sport
Goal 4: Enhanced ASC capability to lead, partner and
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If the responsible person finds any difficult or delay, they need to report to find the solution.

6. Resources

Resource Purpose Source
Sport Performance trainer To support and educate the others in order to improve their performance University
Sport professional player
School To help the organization find anyone who has a good performance and attend to improve their skills All school and university in Australia
International sport cooperation trainer To work with the national trainer to improve the sport performance The international organization who supports the sport activities in other

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