The Authoritarian Parenting Style

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The primary function of family is to provide socialization, caring, financial and emotional assistant. Affecting these factors by distinctive parental behavior, future development of children could be differed remarkably. The authoritarian parenting style, as known as harsh and strict parenting, is mainly mentioned in many research or essays because of the influence to the teenagers. In this case, this essay believes that this style has negative effect to individual youngster in the future.

This type of nurturing produces the intrapersonal development problem to children. As Baumrind and Black (1967) claims, the ways of authoritarian parents are attaching importance to submission and approving penalty to children for rectifying their manner
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Bayer and Cegala (1992), Frias-Armenta and McCloskey (1998) state the particular danger of this parenting style demonstrated as verbal aggressiveness and potential physical abuser. According to Justice, Calvert and Justice (1985), it is led by the parent who are under stress in long period of time (As cited in Palmer, 2009, p.12). For the parents, the pressure can be produced in many ways. For instance, the economic burden of family or the violation of rules from children could be the source. As well as the kids could assume that they are worthless because of the domestic violence and insulating, the serious injuries would issue in permanent illness like paralysis, blindness and deafness. In addition, the scar will be left on child body that they are neglect to exhibit to others. In conclusion, the side effects of strict parenting are harmful to children…show more content…
According to Qin, Chang, Han and Chee (2012), authoritarian parents frequently regret, compassionate of their children who are hard-working and stressful so that they attempt to decrease or eliminate the stress entirely (para. 4). Some students consider the pressure as their desired consideration from their parents. Additionally, it is significant while parents participating in the academia of children. Without the pressure from parent, the choosing in various selection is unsettling, as well as disorienting and grieving them. Indeed, pushing them would be a motivation for pursuit of something (Qin, Chang, Han and Chee, 2012, para.5). As the instructor, parents have to adjust their parenting style in right moment after their children are almost overwhelmed by the pressure and studying. Besides, children in the informative world could easily distracted, so parents should provide advice to their children. Under this circumstance, parents actually pay attention to their future and ease them from worries. children are forced to chase for something, but it is only the other way of encouragement. The reason of these actions is

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