The Autobiographical Elements Of Charles Lamb

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AUTOBIOGRPAHICAL ELEMENT IN THE ESSAYS OF LAMB Dr. GEORGE KOLANCHERY Asst. Prof. English Bayan College (Aff. Purdue University, USA) Sultanate of Oman Abstract The Romantic period was a time in which prose writing witnessed a rapid development. Writers such as Charles Lamb and William Hazlitt changed the styles and topics of the eighteenth-century essay. They also created new forms of writing in which their personal impressions and the subjects of everyday life were central. But the best-known essayist of the 1820s was Charles Lamb. His essays gave him a very high reputation. The autobiographical element in his essays gave a personal touch to the readers that they took him to their hearts. This paper explores the literary essays and various elements that made his autobiographical aspect visible and tangible to the readers. Key Words: Charles Lamb, Lamb, autobiographical element Introduction It is a characteristic of the Romantic writer that he should be confidential. As a rule, he tells the world more about himself than he tells of his friend. This is due to no morbid egotism, no mere loquacity; it is a necessity of his nature to express himself. A novelist may disguise his self-revelation but an essayist has the freedom of writing in any way he likes. Therefore he gives his intimate, confidential note in his essays in the most obtrusive form. It is the reason that essay in Lamb’s hands becomes the precious instrument of a constant self-revelation. In

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