What Are Sandra Day O Connor's Achievements

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In the year 1981 Sandra Day O'Connor achieved a feat that no other women in the history of the United States had ever attained. She was appointed by President Ronald Reagan as Supreme Court justice. Her intelligence and grit made her a rather interesting figure in the highest court of law in the United States. After her retirement from the court on 31st January 2006, Justice O'Connor has continued offering her service to the nation through hearing cases in the Appellant courts. She was recognized for her achievements by present Obama and awarded the Presidential Medial of Freedom. The medal together with her sculpture, portrait and personal possess like the Bench chair assists in illuminating her account. The paper shall discuss the biography and achievements of Sandra Day O'Connor
Sandra Day O'Connor was born on 26th March, 1930 in Texas in the city of El Paso. She was brought up in ranch situated in southeastern Arizona. Her parents Ida and Harry Mae Day named the ranch Lazy B. the farm initially lacked
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The couple opened a law office in Mary Vale. Nonetheless, Sandra devoted the majority of her time to raising her son born in between the years 1957 to the year 1962. Sandra joined a wide array of groups with the purpose of improving the community and being involved in politics. Sandra O'Connor made a return to full-time employment in the year 1965 as an assistant to the chief law office and assistant attorney in the state. The state senator from Arizona resigned in 1969, and this contributed to the incumbent governor Williams appointing her to replace him. O’Conner won the position after an election was held in 1970 and reelected in the year 1972. She continued her involved in active politics and was elected in 1972 as the majority leader of the Republican Party within the Senate. This was another feat that no other woman had held in the history of the
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