Malcolm X Reflection

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In candid and accolade words, I really love this book ‘The autobiography of Malcolm X’, the author for this wonderful book is Alex Haley who has recount Malcolm X story in bibliography and epilogue way. As what can I view the genre and type of this book is about the memoir of a crucial person that has give big influence and impact towards other life. The story told in order to share the experience and his view toward the world and people around him. . Content First and foremost, this is what we call a book holds a house of gold. As what I notice and feel during reading this book, there is lot of wisdom behind each words and incidents happen shown in this book. The life is not easy, it is complicated but how to deal with it will be a nice way…show more content…
Each place has it own precious memory and incident related to life Malcolm X. The time setting used in the book was started when Malcolm born until the end of his life, which is in the year of 1925 until 1965. The nostalgia of the event happen through out the story of Malcolm X can be obtrusive reveal in each chapter of the book. Malcolm X who is the main character in this story has inspiring me see people in other angle of life. A black plum is as sweet as a white, that is the suitable word to describe Malcolm X. He is ambitious person and have clear view about he wants in his life, it can be seen in the book where he told his teacher that he wants to be a lawyer when grow up. No one has that mindset on that time, but Malcolm has it in his mind and it shows that he is very enthusiastic about changing his life. As an anecdote, Malcolm X can be view as a person who is brave, courage, responsible, kind and high motivated person. He gone through so many incidents and evens in his life that make him live in trouble and chaos, but with determination and high self-motivation he survived and become one the very influential figure in the
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