The Autobiography Of The Most Lethal Sniper

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A topic that came up Chris Kyle 's book often was the engagement of the insurgents. When engaging the insurgents they 're are certain parameters you need to follow before you can shoot them. They are called the rules of engagement. Many argue that if you are in battle there is no time to think about,"well is this guy about to blow me up in the parameters of the rules of engagement." It 's a complicated set of restrictions and rules put together by government officials. Most of which have no military background. Other reasons they are so convoluted is because they are set up by layers who are just trying to save the higher military officials, generals and so forth. Many of these people just don 't want to feel
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Military History is a fantastic book that keeps you intrigued throughout the entire book. The testimony and story that Chris Kyle gives throughout the book keeps you reading, and reading, and reading. It almost became a sin to put it down. Chris Kyle gave such good perspective into the life of a Navy SEAL. The accounts of him going in and shooting these amazing shots from nearly a mile away are absolutely astounding. Then him nearly avoiding death, bullets flying over his head, escaping IED explosions, and still coming out unscathed its like a movie star in an action scene. right when their is a lull in the story it always seems to pick back up with some hilarious shenanigans or some death defying stunt that they pull off against all odds. While it is entertaining, it also helps us understand what people in the military go through over seas. It gave me a greater understanding and appreciation for those who serve. I would personally recommend this to anyone. Those who has the slightest interest in the Military they’ll love it. For those who don’t they will learn massive amounts about the military, and have a deeper appreciation for those who serve. The one thing I would have changed was the testimony that Taya, Chris Kyle’s wife, gave in spurts throughout the book. While it does give perspective from her side I felt like It broke up the text and it seemed to be of non importance at times. I wish her part was more limited to the very most important parts, not every chapter. That would improve the flow of the book I believe. Additionally I think the publisher should add something about the rest of his life at the end. There isn’t much to cover, because of his sudden death. A memorial or summery of his life would be nice to read. All and all American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History is a great book that gives awesome testimony of one of Americas
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