The Automobile Industry In The 1920s

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The 1920s were a decade of great advancement and prosperity. A not only chaotic but fast growing period in time would leave its mark in the 20s, known as the “Roaring Twenties.” For such a name to have been marked in the 20s, significant establishments must have been built; the automobile industry had an immense impact on the economy, the 1920s became the golden age of sports in social life, and with political development, women’s rights and movements would change forever. The lives of Canadian individuals would soon become “Roaring.”

The automobile industry had an immense impact on the economy during the 20s. Henry Ford, who was the president of thenFord Motor Company had dreams which he focused on turning into plans. He dreamed of creating a car that almost anyone could afford to pay for. To do this, Henry strong mindedly obtained a method of mass production to car manufacturing. He reduced the cost of producing cars, which established his method known as the assembly line. The assembly line was a division of labour and standardized parts. As the assembly line moved, certain workers would add parts to the car, this was known as a division of labour. By the time the car reached the end of the assembly line, its was complete and ready to be used by customers. Because Ford used standard parts like the engine, wheels and bodies for each and every one of his cars, the completed looks were all alike. The Model T was produced by Ford and became very popular. Almost all of
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