Invention Of The Car Essay

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The history of the invention of the automobile is one of the most amazing and representative examples of human civilization. Just 100 years ago, the car was just an exciting monster in a circus, and today there are more than two hundred and fifty million cars that run on a road around the world, millions of people in the use of cars for a living or traveling. The car change the way of life greatly, so that today 's people even cannot imagine, how we will go to life when we left the car. In the history of automobile invention, the contribution of the United States also has historical significance. At the end of nineteenth Century, the economy of the United States had reached a high level, and industrial production began to be in the forefront of the world, and the development of its iron and steel industry created the conditions for the automobile industry. The development of American automobile has experienced six…show more content…
By using the aerodynamic principle, the engine design of the automobile had made great progress in this period. However, the Second World War let automakers into military vehicles and machinery manufacturing; and there was no clear evolution of the appearance. The jeep’s emergence was entirely based on the actual needs, which was almost no shape to speak. Franklin Sport Runabout produced the car which the engine began using air cooling system in Syracuse from 1902 to 1934. The Forth Stage: From 1946 to 1959. With the advent of the era of jet aircraft, car styling also tended to be lower, longer and wider, and added a large tail fin to the rear of the car. This period of car styling had two characteristics, on the one hand the car’s body had the crash design, and on the other hand the tail fin became popular. Station Wagon was the most distinctive car in American in 1950s, which symbolizing the outskirts of the family a better life. During this period, Ford Thunderbird car was the spokesman of the car
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