The Awakening Chapter 27-30 Analysis

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The Awakening, Kate Chopin Chapters 27-39 Reading Journal Part III Chapters 27-30 Summary Edna and Alcee are alone in her house together. They talk about Reisz and Arobin says that Reisz is insane. Edna defends her but Alcee insists that they talk about Edna instead. Then he kisses her and she kisses him back. “It was the first kiss of her life to which her nature had really responded. It was a flaming torch that kindled desire.” Edna cries when he leaves because of the slight wave of irresponsibility and guilt that overcome her. However, she dies not feel remorse for her actions and simply wishes her first “awakened” love experience could have happened with someone that she actually loves. Edna starts to move her things to prepare for her new home “without even waiting for an answer from her husband regarding his…show more content…
This shows that he too thinks that Edna needs help in everyday tasks. She tells him that he cannot see her until after her dinner party, “but she laughed and looked at him with eyes that at once gave him courage to wait and made it torture to wait.” This tells the reader that this chapter will tie into the rest of the book because Edna has let her guard down completely and is willing to let Alcee in, even though she is certain she doesn 't love him. Edna’s dinner starts off well. Edna tells everyone that it is her birthday and they all admire her. There is small talk “but as she sat there amid her guests, she felt the old ennui overtaking her” and Edna got overwhelmed. Then to put things over the top, Victor started to sing “Ah! si tu savais!" Edna begs him to stop and after this the party never recovers. Mrs. Highcamp says that Victor should meet her daughter and all the quests except Alcee leave. These chapters mark the
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