The Awakening: Poem Analysis

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Through out this semester we have gone through so many readings. The readings were different types of readings. These different types of readings were things such as poems and full on stories. In my perspective all of these readings were all wonderful, the reason why these readings were wonderful is because as you read these poems and stories you get a sense of what the writer is trying to convey. To me I felt like I was in the story or poem because its just the understanding of what the writer is trying to say that made me grow a connection to the story or poem. One of the writings that really made me think and connect to it was “The Caged Bird”, another writing that also had a significant connection to was “The Awakening.” Both of these readings made me have some sort of connection with them even though they both have a similar and different meaning. In the poem “The Caged…show more content…
The comparison that I believe both these stories share is the fact that both these stories convey a meaning as to the things that are happening or has happened in our world today. Even though you in the poem “The Caged Bird” you can say it convey a meaning that has happened in the past, it also happens in the present as well. The same thing for the story “The Awakening” it has also happened in the past as well. Another great similarity in both stories is the fact that both characters in both stories cried, another similarity between the two stories is that both Edna and the Caged Bird were crying because they wanted freedom. The difference between these two stories is the different character aspects between the two stories. In “The Caged Bird” the character was a bird while in “The Awakening” the character was a real human being. Also the difference between these two stories is that in “The Awakening” you can mainly compare that to our world today while in “The Caged Bird” you only get a sense of meaning as to what the poem
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