The Awakening Short Story

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Women’s role has been an ongoing debate for over decades and will probably still continue in the future. One of the most famous debates is concerned about women’s role is the patriarchy world and both Indirani’s and Chopin’s short story address this matter. Indirani’s short story entitled “The Woman Who Lost Her Face” which was published on The Jakarta Post, March 13rd 2017 is about a Muslim woman who lost her facial features overnight and struggles to accept it. This short story defines a good wife in the perspective of a religion, in specific, Islam. On the other hand, Chopin’s novel, “The Awakening” is about a woman’s fight against the expectations which the society sets for her. It depicts a how an ideal woman is in the eyes of the society. Though similar in the matter depicting how a woman should be, they differ in how the character deals with the situation. The short story and novel are similar in the way of portraying a good married woman. In Indirani’s short story, a good wife is described according to the perspective of Islam, which is those who are obedient to their husband and does everything with his permission or consent. This happens to be as what I understand that in Islam. When a woman gets married she becomes her husband’s responsibility, no longer her parents which is why muslim wives have to, in some ways be obedient to the husband. In the story, Annisa thought of going to the doctor after her unfortunate incident when she “realized she no longer had a
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