Awakenings Movie Critique

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Movie Critique of “Awakenings”
The Writer: Dr. Oliver Sacks
The Director: Penny Marshall
The Year the movie was shown. (Any relevant situation that triggers the writing of the script) December 22, 1990
1 The movie is based on a true story. It is from the book of Dr. Oliver Sacks entitled “Awakenings.” The movie focused on the journey of finding cure to Parkinson’s disease-like named Encephalitis which is epidemic during the settings of the movie. Dr. Sacks found a drug to cure this catatonic disease which lead to a surprising outcome.
2 The movie happened in New York in 1969. Dr. Sayer was a new doctor on a local hospital. He handled catatonic patients who survived the epidemic disease known as Encephalitis. At first, he’s finding difficulties on how to treat his patients but one day, he discovered a way to
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Do they think the way normal people would do or even their thinking is impaired? This movie, Awakenings, answered my questions. Some of them are totally shut downed from reality. Some of them can feel and think like normal people would do but has only difficulty in expressing. But either ways, they are still people who need to be treated with respect. The movie served as awareness not just to the encephalitis disease but also to the whole community of persons with disabilities. As a future occupational therapist, it inspires me to do my best in my future career with the passion of helping people that burns within me. To be able to see a patient or client improve and survive on their own are the best things that a therapist and other medical professionals can

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