The Aztec Civilization

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The Aztec Civilization dates back from 1427 all the way to 1521, about 94 years. The Aztecs were a very great, imaginative and they invented many new technologies and activities. There were activities that the Aztec nation did and they also have a very rich and captivating history that still impresses people around the world until this day.The Aztecs culture was filled with inspiration and refinement. Firstly they made very interesting art, poetry and architecture. Furthermore, the Aztecs had also developed many different type of technologies that we used today, such as the calendar systems, mathematical systems and even the form of astronomy. Moreover, games and sports were also important to the Aztecs culture. The Aztec’s entertainment and…show more content…
One of the most prominent games were called the “Tlachtli”. In conclusion, the Aztec civilization were a very great, imaginative and they invented a lot of great technologies that are useful today.

The Aztecs thought of craftsmanship and extraordinary work as something that was very valuable. Aztecs viewed the creations of arts and sculptures as outlets that helped expressed their opinions on things. Art, whether in the form of poetry, music or paintings were all the fundamentals of Ancient Aztec which benefited us in our world today. The Aztecs created many great sculptures and structures such as “The Calendar Stone” and “The Statue of Xochipilli”. The Aztec calendar stone was originally dedicated to the Sun god. This stone carving was a huge carving about 3 feet thick and weighs about 25 tonnes. It was carved using basalt
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The Aztecs had no iron or bronze, therefore they had to create tools and weapons without the benefit of these metals. For this limited resources to create good tools and weapons, they made tools and weapons with Obsidian and chert. But as time passes, they eventually created tools and weapons out of stone and copper. Axe blades for example, were made with either stone or copper. The Aztec technology was so advanced that they even made drills, which were made of reed or bone. This tools were made to make houses. They also made tools that could create arts and paintings such as brushes and hammers to form sculptures. Furthermore, they created better transportation such as the use of wheels which was however used mainly in toys. It was weird that the Aztec did not have horses, mules or any sort of animal to help them transport items, but instead they developed a method of dugout canoes with which they transported themselves and their goods throughout the many canals, lakes and waterways found mainly in the Valley of Mexico. Secondly, education was an important part of their culture. The Aztecs were quite advanced in their science and mathematics. For example, they created the number system which was by far more advance than other cultures at that time. Aztec astronomy was also an important component of their calendar, which reflected heavily on
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