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While many worldviews exist, The fall of the Aztec empire was unavoidable.The Aztec’s were a group of people who were very religious and lived in Mexico for hundreds of years but one day a group of Spanish people arrived and executed all of the Aztec people. Many of them died from diseases the spanish brought with them like small pox. The others were killed by the spanish and some were taken to spain as slaves. This was led by an explorer named Hernan Cortes.

The first reason that the shows extinction of the Aztec race was unavoidable was because of the diseases like smallpox that the Spanish brought with them. The reason they bought this because of the bad conditions on the ship and some people even died on the ship. The people who did
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The sword had was made out of steel and was sharp. The sword itself was a meter long. The spanish even had a Halberd, a harberd is was more than 2 meters long and had a curved blade attached to it. The strongest weapon that the spanish had was a crossbow. A crossbow could shoot an arrow that can pierce through the strongest armour. On the other hand the Aztecs had no horses which was a disadvantage for them. The aztecs had a war club instead of a sword. It was so heavy that the fighter had to use both hands to carry it. The downside it was they could not carry a shield with them like the spanish did to protect themselves . The Aztecs had a spear instead of a halberd. First the aztec had to get close to enemy and then throw the spear at unprotected areas like eyes and throat but the only disadvantage was that it was made out wood. And the best weapon that the Aztec was a Atlatl it was also called a spear thrower. This weapon allowed the Aztecs to throw the spear great distances but it was not effective against the spanish because they had Crossbows and…show more content…
Religion played a huge role in the Aztec society. Religion was the most important thing to the Aztec people . The Aztecs used omens and stars to tell the future. The Aztecs had believed that a god named Quetzalcoatl would and destroy the entire Aztec civilization and he would return in the year of the seed. In 1519 a Explorer named Hernan Cortes discovered Mexico in 1519. 1519 was the seed year according to the Aztec calendar. The Aztecs Believed that Hernán Cortés was Quetzalcoatl.So they treated him great respect. Hernan Cortes had lunch with the Aztecs and after lunch he killed all the Aztec people. The aztecs could not attack him first because they believed that he was a god and they had to treat him with great respect.Hernan Cortes killed 5% of the aztec empire. The 90% died from smallpox and the 4% died in the attack. The spanish brought the other 5% with them to Spain as slaves. On August/13/1521 most of the Aztecs race died and Hernan Cortes was declared

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