The Aztec Temples

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The Aztec Temples

The Aztecs are just one of the many best-known groups that make up Mexico's history and heritage. The Aztecs are best known for their magnificent temples, like the Egyptian pyramids. There are several temples that are well-known, and these temples are hot spots for tourists in Mexico. These temples were called Teocalli, God houses, by the Mexican people of the empire. The Aztec religious priests would worship, pray, and make sacrifices to the gods to keep them happy and in balance. Some of these temples were dedicated to specific gods or specific celebrations (Aztec Temples). The structures that many associate with the Aztecs are the great pyramids; four sided, stable structures that could withstands earthquakes which
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Templo Mayor was part of the sacred area of Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City. An interested fact about this temple is that it was built on swampy ground, so over the years the temple would often sink and needed to be repaired (Aztec Temples). Templo Mayor has two shrines on the top, one to Huitzilopochtli and one to Tlaloc. Also, this temple represented where the Mexicans believed Huitzilopochtli was born. Teotihuacan was not built by the Aztecs, but was considered a sacred site; they believed was the birthplace of the new sun. Also, the largest pyramid in the world is the Great Pyramid of Cholula; it has the greatest temple of Teopanzolco. In addition, there is a temple called Calixtlahuaca. Calixtlahuaca is located outside of Toluca west of Mexico City. This temples is notable not because of its monuments, but because of its well-preserved nature (Ancient Aztec Sites in Mexico). As a result, it shows clues to the everyday life of the Aztecs. Overall,the Aztec pyramids was a significant part of the Mexican culture. The pyramids served as religious center for worship and sacrifice. There are many pyramids built by the Aztecs by the most famous are Templo Mayor, Teotihuacan, and The Great Pyramid of Cholula. In addition to the pyramids rich history, they are great wonders to visit – as they are popular tourist
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