The Aztecs

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In Mesoamerica, the ascendant Mexican had created an empire known to us as Aztec. The Aztecs develop social, political, religious, and commercial activities in their capital cities Tenochtitlan and brought many of the regions together under their control. They were also known as the Tenochca, a name derived from their capital city. By the mid 1315 the Aztecs language Nahuatl was the language most speaking in Central Mexico. The Aztecs supported themselves with their own crops such as corn, beans, tomatoes, and potatoes. They also had a sophisticated system of agriculture and a powerful military that enable them to structure a successful state then later empire. The Aztecs civilization was highly developed socially, intellectually, and artistically.…show more content…
In the Incas Empire they had 4 to 6 million people. This empire kept repeating their convulsions because of their inheritance system. In the early sixteenth century, the Incas Empire had a fuse on who would take Huayna Capac place. This fuse was between the “ official” son and the “ favorite" son. When Huayna Capac died, Atahualpa (the favorite son) declared war on his brother Cuzco (the official son). Atahualpa forced Cuzco to witness the killing of all of his supporters. After Cuzco watched his supporters die, Atahualpa killed his brother and used his skull as a vessel for maize - beer. During the 12th century the Inca first deInca empire were split and lack of clarity of inheritance system. In 1532 the Spaniards arrived and founded the empire divided they quickly used the opportunity to exploit. Spanish campaign that was led by Francisco Pizarro encouraged by Cortes victory and yearned his own glory. Francisco Pizarro wanted to set a trap for Atahualpa. So he invited Atahualpa to Cajamarca. When Atahualpa come Inca warriors and servants covered with colorful plumage and plates of silver and gold entered the main square, the Spanish soldiers were awed. In 1533, Pizarro had overrun the Cuzco and than vanquished the rest of the Inca forces. When the Spaniards arrived to Lima they began to start a war with each other. In 1541, Pizarro was assassinated by one of his rival fractions. After the defeat of the
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