The BP Oil Spill

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Introduction Thesis: The BP Oil spill was one of the greatest disasters that is believed to have had a catastrophic impact on the environment with marine life being the most distressed by the spill. Body Paragraph 1: The BP oil spill immensely caused huge contamination to the beach, one of the destructive impacts that it had on the environment. Supporting Evidence: The beaches in the region where the BP Oil spill occurred were ascertained to have been heavily contaminated, an aspect that saw a plunge in certain organisms that are a central part of marine life food chain (Benoit, 2011). Explanation: The decline in the species of various organisms was not equal after the BP oil spill. Certain forms of marine life registered an increase…show more content…
Explanation: The deaths in dolphins increasing could be accredited to the fact that the spill made them ill. Dolphins in the area of the spill lost a lot of weight, registered a reduction in the levels of blood sugar, and worse still, cancer, not only of the liver but that of the lungs in these animals. What Could have been Done Several actions would have gone a long way in preventing the BP Oil spill. One of the things that could have been done to prevent the oil spill would be the prioritization of safety over profitability at BP. The conducting of a test that should have been independently done would have helped identify the issues in the cement seal that eventually led to the spill (Scherer, 2012). Conclusion The BP Oil spill was a cause of a massive environmental disaster. One of the environmental damages that resulted from the spill was the contamination that it not only caused in the beach but on the marsh as well. The spill also led to the death of dolphins as well as other marine life. Prevention measures could have been taken to prevent the oil spill before it…show more content…
The oil spill caused a great disruption in the energy industry and the course of action that could be taken to avoid similar inconveniencies detailed. The reading would be of great value in handling the final paper. Scherer, L. S. (2012). The BP oil spill. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press. The reading by Scherer would provide valuable information on the adverse environmental issues and problems that resulted from the oil spill. The efficiency of measures that were applied and improvements that should be made in future responses to similar scenarios are detailed in the reading, an aspect that would make it helpful in handling the final paper. United States. (2013). The BP oil spill: Human exposure and environmental fate: hearing before the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, second session, June 10, 2010. The fate that the environment suffered as a result of the BP Oil spill is intensively discussed in the article. The manner in which the problem was handled and the end results of the process are also discussed in the article. The article would provide valuable information on the damage that the disaster had on the
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