The Babadook Movie Analysis

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One’s ability and need to love reflects the sole purpose of being human, it begins at birth and carries on throughout adolescent years and adulthood, but contrary to the simplicity of loving a person, when one experiences an inability to express their love and gratitude for a person, it takes an incredibly unimaginable toll on his/her mental and emotional stability which in due time results in a form of depression. The feeling of depression emerges from the low spirits and loss of hope and courage accompanying a person, and while each case of depression varies in effect, the movie, The babadook, expresses its severe control, capable and detrimental power over a person, and the extreme coping measures. In the movie The Babadook, depression abruptly…show more content…
Depression does not pick and chose its victims, but the underlying cause of the choice In the movie The Babadook, Amelia represents this in full. Amelia’s mental strength and balance coincide with her relationships throughout the movie, putting her to the test after she loses her husband in an atrocious car accident. The loneliness she experiences led her to the uncomforting company of depression, also pertaining to the hate she feels towards her son. Her son was present during this crash but was not yet born and because of his presence and close resemblance to his father and her husband, she cannot quite cope with feelings of sudden abandonment. She involuntarily creates The Babadook. The babadook is her alter ego which instead of her, blatantly expresses her immediate pain through the creature. This creature allows her to manage her depression but also eats her alive on the inside. She longs for her late husband and if any emotion avoided and ignored for too long it manifest becoming something worth fearing, she sees her son as a factor of his death, explaining her hate, and while living with a personal monster, also known as depression, is unbearable and often intolerable, fighting off the physical threats and demons seems much lighter. The haunting of the death swallows her damaging her ability to move on, she is unable to fulfil sexual desires, act as a loving and caring mother. Depression had taken over her being. Sam understands what has happened, he understands and explains that he knows she does not and cannot love him because her severe depression hinders her abilities. He explains that because she has allowed the depression to control her she has the power to overcome it, and she must. The Babadook is a metaphorical object used to express depression, a mild to severe mental illness that surrounds the people of the world daily. It haunts Amelia at every corner, limiting her choices to complete destruction, as her depression haunts her in every form of
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