The Baby Movie Reflection

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Phuong Cao Nguyen
Introduction to Cultural Psychology
November 15th
The way a child is raised can bring up ethical questions. During the movie, I was fascinated by how I did not think of the interactions a baby has at first year of life could shape people behavior possibly throughout their life. We often think our faults in raising children are because of the environment or our circumstances but
To observe the parenting styles in this movie, I choose overlook the surrounding environment and focus on the interaction between the baby and the parents. It is interesting to see that parenting styles in different culture are not so different except in some living conditions which create more room for activities and interactions. The one big similarity in
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For example, the U.S baby has her father take her to the park and parenting class, put her in a trailer and cycled with her mother. The Japanese father involved in little activity with the baby; we saw him interacted with the baby twice as when he looked after here while being on the phone and when he show her the computer and let her play by herself after. The Mongolian father was seen to be playing with the baby once whereas in Namibia, we see nothing of the father at all. Another noteworthy thing is that the Japanese and American mother actively take their children for outdoors activities a lot more than the other two. However, this is culturally specific. If we look at where Mongolian baby and Namibian baby lived in, we could see that they live in non-urbanized environment where activities such as taking them to parenting class or supermarket, parks, go to explore the city are not applicable. The Mongolian baby was left to play with the cat and his brother indoors most of the time and the Namibian baby spent most of his time without his mother playing with his peers outdoors instead, I believe that this

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