The Baddest Dog In Harlem Summary

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Analytical essay of” The Baddest Dog in Harlem”
Firstly, before I make an analytical essay of the text. Will I do a brief summary of the text, in order to give an understanding of the text.

Summary of “The Baddest Dog in Harlem”
The Baddest Dog in Harlem is written by Dean Myers in 2000. The text is part of his collection “145th street.
The story begins in medias res, with the narrator and his friends sitting around the rail outside of café. The narrator and his friends, Willie, Tommy and Pedro are discussing who is the best boxer of all time. A man called Mr Lynch comes a bit later and is getting involved in the discussion.

After some time, a police car pulls up nearby. These policemen ask the narrator and his friends about how long they
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Which means the story is narrated in the main character’s point of view. Everything in the text is interpreted as how he experienced the actions. He can be sarcastic at times e.g. when he describes how old Mr Lynch is, he said: Mr Lynch was so old he had washed dishes as the Last Supper.

The main theme in the text is death. When the police cars pull up and the boys find out what is all about. They start to fear for their own lives. Willies decides to hide in the café, the main character is scared and prays to god. When the policeman slips and his gun starts bursting. Everyone is scared and fear their death. Later in the text, they discover the body of a child, who got hit and this makes them all scared. The whole text is based on fearing for your own life.

Parts of this text can parallel to the film, Columbine high. Which is a documentary about two guys who did a school shooting, which, unfortunately, led to many deaths and injuries. In that documentary did every student in that school fear for their life, just like in this text where everyone in the café and around these buildings fears for their lives. Especially when the shots are fired and afterwards when they discover a body of a
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