The Ballets Russes

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The Ballets Russes ' use of traditional ethnic Russian designs and fabrics was something that Yves Saint Laurent used as his inspiration in his famous Russian Collection of autumn/winter 1976/1977.
This collection, often referred to as one of his best, was full of peasant-style skirts, Cossack boots, and the same rich, bold colours seen in Ballets Russes productions.
It was at this time that Yves Saint Laurent, haute couture’s preeminent practitioner, threw caution to the prevailing winds with a collection of unrivaled fantasy and luxury. He called it his “Russian Collection,” but his designs were Slavic only in their Oriental excess and opulence. Inspired by the Bakst costumes of the Ballets Russes, each ensemble appeared to be a repudiation
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He also had a great fondness for the ballet, including the Russian ballet that held a prominent presence within Paris. Like Chanel, and Christian Dior, Yves also fell under the allure of Russia. Yves Saint Laurent’s Fall Winter 1976 collection began production with the petite mains- workshops who specialized in embroidery, passementerie, lace, feather work, and Jewelry. The 1976 collection has often been referred to as “Ballet Russes, Opera et Ballet Russes, Rich Peasant, The Russian Collection, or simply as YSL’s 1976 collection”. The garments drew from an assortment of Russian influence, starting with Russia’s infamous Cossack warriors. There was also inspiration found in Russian peasant wear, and by the bakst costumes featured in the actual Ballet Russes. Of course Yves made sure to add a bit of functionality in his work, to make his fall/winter Haute Couture collection more suitable for the street. In 1991 Yves Saint Laurent designed a dress named: Tirbute to Leon Bakst. Yves Saint Laurent cotton gown tribute to Leon Bakst, Spring/summer 1991. It is a one-shoulder and the gown is shorter in the front and floor length at the back. The vibrant print has dancers in cobalt, green, turquoise, red and marigold. The Ballets Russes ' use of traditional ethnic Russian designs and fabrics was something that Yves
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